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To get access, you must first register a new trading account on at least ONE of the exchanges below using one of our referral links below. (TWO minimum registration and trade on at least one of them.)

All of our trading set-ups will be found on Bitget or Bybit.

The group and the content is powered by your referral links and each link will get you up to 10-20% off trading fees for each exhange.

Bitget is one of the fastest growing exchanges and has a fantastic futures program with a ton of liquidity and low slippage.
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Bybit is great for fast scalping on Bitcoin and Ethereum with a mix of popular altcoins. 
You can choose whether to hold your base currency in USDT or Bitcoin.
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How to find your UID / UserID for the following exchanges:
1. Login
2. At the top right corner you should see a picture of a person in a circle, hover over it and u should see some options
3. Click on the first option which should be your email
4. It will bring you to your dashboard, at the top you should see your email and your User ID: xxxxxxxx

1. Login
2. In the upper right corner, you should see your email along with a down arrow
3. Highlight over the down arrow and it should display various options
4. Click Account and Security
5. Under Account Information, you should see your UID
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